Four Pepper Medley in Stainless Steel Finished Grinder

Price: $19.95
Four Pepper Medley in Stainless Steel & Glass Grinder
Part Number: SG4P
Net Wt: 75g

Freshly grinding peppers releases their essential oils, giving your dishes a lovely depth of flavour and aroma. 

You can season any dish to perfection with this masterful blend of uniquely subtle flavours using the finest of ingredients from around the world. 

The sharp heat of the black pepper is tempered by the crispness of the green pepper and the mellowness of the white.

A sweet top note is added by the rare and delightful Brazilian pink pepper berries.

Use liberally on roasts, in stews and soups, on steaks, chops and all other meat, poultry and fish before or after cooking. It is also great as a table pepper to complement any cuisine.

The high quality refillable grinder has a glass body with a stainless steel top and a rust-proof, adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism.

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